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Timothy grew up in Baltimore Maryland , the fifth child out of six children. Timothy is the son of a Pentecostal pastor. Timothy grew up in church, where singing in church was not a choice  but a requirement of his ex-military father .

 By the time he reached his late teens, Timothy was tired of being forced-fed religion.  He left the church and started singing and playing in bands and musical groups, which later led him to travel in and out of town with different R&B acts.  After years of that scene, he  found him-self knowing where he was but still feeling lost. Timothy found his way back home and a scripture came to mind that his mother always quoted " train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it" (proverbs22:6).


 Timothy returned to the church, where he would play the piano, organ and sing praises unto God. Timothy worked with choirs, vocal groups, and soloist. At times, Timothy contracted his self out as a musical director to play for different churches.


 Timothy has recently embraced his passion to write contemporary gospel music. He is convinced that his music is the best vehicle to spread the word about the goodness of Jesus the Christ Our Lord and Savior  and he is excited about  letting the world know that if you praise him, he will bless you and if you trust him, he can and will bring you out ! My prayer is to reach people who otherwise might not go to church to hear the word of god.  If I can give them the word in song and lead unbelievers all over the world to Christ , then my ministry is effective and I would have fulfilled my purpose in life.

 God Bless
1st Timothy